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'''Heblem''' (previously '''HabLeUrG''') is a member who has made various [[BAT]]s along with some [[map]]s and running an experimental [[Mayor Diary]] that uses the [[Lot Editor]] to fully construct an eye-candy city.
'''Heblem''' (previously '''HabLeUrG''') is a member who has made various [[BAT]]s along with some [[map]]s and running an experimental [[Mayor Diary]] that uses the [[Lot Editor]] to fully construct an eye-candy city.
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*Texture replacement mods.
*Texture replacement mods.

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Heblem (previously HabLeUrG) is a member who has made various BATs along with some maps and running an experimental Mayor Diary that uses the Lot Editor to fully construct an eye-candy city.


He joined into the SC4 community in February 2006 as HabLeUrG, initially he was collaborating at CSC team, where he learned how to BAT and lot, later in June 2006 he uploaded his first creations at the STEX as like a background texture and among some others BATs and maps....

In late 2006, because of his map skills, he joined to the NHP team, where he collaborated and learned many tricks about map editing and terraforming (16-bit mapping). Also he started a new latin american project, that later was known as the LBT team.

In December 2006, he joined to the SC4Devotion community.

Early 2007, he made a Mini-World Based map (Our Mini Earth) where he showcases world places in miniature.

Middle 2007, he was know for make Plaza Mall also for the asphalt texture mod for SAM

Late 2007, he created the first totally Eyecandy project, called Canatlán, mostly he used LBT creations.

Early 2008, he made a street restyling mod and started his LBT BATing thread at devotion, where mainly he makes commercial buildings.

Middle 2008, he started the mock town project, showcasing an incredible level of realism that the game can research ...

Late 2008, he was working in a expansion pack project to end with the LBT project...

Creations and Works


  • Union City, Heblem's first MD, was available at CSC
  • Metroix, Heblem's first MD/CJ to the English speaking community.
  • Our Mini Earth MD/CJ, this MD inspired many people in making RL world places, such like World by ilikehotdogsalot and Eyecandy by the same author.
  • Canatlán, first Eycandy MD (initial idea of mocking up)
  • Mock Town (an extremely realistic project using only lot editor for it)

LBT Team

The LBT team was formed by Heblem and other members, the project continues until today. He has contributed many items including a number of Dependency packs and a few other items. LBT Dependencies Pack made by Heblem:

  • LBT Colonial Pack
  • LBT Residential Pack (as House Pack)
  • LBT Texture Pack 1
  • LBT Prop Pack 1
  • LBT Prop Pack 3
  • LBT Commercial Pack (current project)
  • LBT Office Pack (current project)
  • LBT Departments Residential Project (current project)

Well Know LBT creations by Heblem:

  • LBT Pyramid Pack
  • LBT Plaza Pack
  • LBT Plaza Mall Project
  • LBT Treasure Island Casino
  • LBT Bellagio Casino (current project)
  • Many retail commerces stores...

And about more than 500 bats made by him. (includes props models, and many more)

NHP Team

  • NHP Map Packs (map packs for different ways to install, such SC4M or greyscale)
  • NHP Map Tutorials at SC4Devotion (current project)
And about more than 100 maps made by him. (includes those as by request, and few of these were released)

Terrain Mods

  • American Desert Terrain Mod (was included at Palms Springs map by Beskhu3pnm)
  • San Faraway Terrain Mod (included at San Faraway map by Heblem)
  • Cumbres Terrain Mod (current project)
  • Chihuahuan Terrain Mod (current project)
  • Bajio Terrain Mod (current project)
  • Yucatan Terrain Mod (current project)

And about 5 other personal and request terrain mods.


  • Tierra CSC, was a interactive collaboration to populate a planet by 23 SimCity player, this project was run until 2007 when it was canceled by the creator.
  • Eyecandy overpasses project. A overpasses project, those were only eyecandy function...


  • Map making
    • 16 bit maps
    • 8 bit map (hand made)
  • Texture creator
    • Photoshop
    • Fireworks
  • BAT's (using mainly gmax)
    • Modding lots
    • Make realistic lots
    • Make a set of prop packs.
  • Terrain Mods
  • Texture replacement mods.