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Diggis's All Blacks avatar

Diggis is a Kiwi member of the community living in London, England. He was an active member of SimPeg rising to the rank of Moderator, largly through his work on the Prop pack registy hosted on the old Simpeg. This was lost during the forums upgrade and the list was moved to SC4D here. Due to his work on the SAM, totally due to his desire to have it as soon as possible, Diggis became a member of the NAM team.

Diggis then joined the BSC, based largly on his work on MML's. He was in dispair to learn of the development of the DAMN, rendering all his knowledge of MML's obsolete, so threw himself into learning to create DAMN files. Since joining the BSC he has learned to BAT and begun to create a series of river and pond lots to compliment Callagrafx's rerendered SimGoober's canals. He has also opened a Prop Request Thread here, called Diggis's Detail Design, for lotters who need that special prop that isn't available.

Diggis has also worked very closely with the NUTS team, creating a series of sports based props and textures, and has also helped them learn to BAT and Mod, upto teaching Paroch to BAT in a small dutch pub over a beer or 5. This culminated in an invitation to be a full member of the NUTS team.