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SC4 Path Creator
Download from LEX (1.60)
Makes path creation much much easier
General Information
Credits Daeley
Support SC4D
Languages English

The SC4 Path Creator is a tool designed by Daeley, created to enable Transit Modders to edit and create paths for Puzzle Pieces and Transit Networks more easily.


Version 1


  • Point-click add/delete points to a path
  • Import and edit existing or newly created paths trough the text interface
  • Easily customize individual path properties
  • Examine and rotate paths in Perspective View
  • Add background pictures to place paths more easily
  • Check paths in adjacent tiles for alignment with the MultiPath Viewer

Screenshots: Functional Overview Perspective view close-up

Version 1.5

On the 12th December 2008 version 1.5 was released as an update to the previous version's LEX page, the new version includes:

  • System look&feel (let's face it, Java looks good, but system looks better)
  • Traffic type bug fixed
  • Easier selection of active path
  • Move points by dragging them
  • Copy/reverse/mirror paths with one click
  • Arrows show direction of path
  • Path points clicked/dragged near the edge, jump to +/- 8

Screenshots: SingleFrame viewer

Version 1.55

A screenshot of the single tile frame
A screenshot of the single tile frame
Version 1.55 was released on the 16th December 2008, the updates are:
  • Arrows in isometric view
  • Improved texture rendering in isometric view
  • Angle selection in isometric view

Version 1.60

The latest version of the tool was released on the 22nd of December, the updates are:

  • Fixed texture mirror bug from 1.55
  • Experimental support for rendering FSH textures
  • New introduction window
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