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The Occupant Group, also known as OG or Occupancy Group, is a way of classifying buildings.

Every building exemplar and every automata exemplar (pedestrians and vehicles) must have the property OccupantGroups. A few prop exemplars also have the property OccupantGroups. OccupantGroups is a property that tells the game what kind of a building, automata, or prop it is and how it will function in game. For buildings, it also tells where in the menus a ploppable building will appear, and is also used for automata spawning.

The OccupantGroups property can contain several values, and must contain at least one.

This property is also used by the CAM and by the BSC Team (the BTE system) for lot counting purposes, through a LUA Script written by Daeley.

Known Occupant Groups

Two lists of known Occupant Groups exist:

  • A list from the old SimsWiki is transcribed here.
  • A list compiled by RippleJet with some definition of what each does is found here.

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