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The Flexible Flyover system, more commonly known as FLEXFly, allows for the construction of curved flyover ramps at various height levels, which allow other RHW networks to pass underneath or overhead. FLEXFly comes with two angles (90°/Type A and 45°/Type B), two widths (MIS/1-lane and RHW-4/2-lane), and at three height levels (Ground, L0, and L1). The system was first designed by Blue Lightning for the RHW 4.0/NAM 28 release in May 2010, and was significantly revamped for NAM 33 in November 2015, with new code by memo and models by eggman121.

Using FLEXFly

FLEXFly only works in specific restricted positions in relation to nearby highway networks. In particular, using FLEXFly over FLEXFly is not supported, making this feature unsuitable for building a compact T-interchange.

FLEXFly Options

There are a total of 24 FLEXFly items available under the FLEXFly Button:

  1. FLEXFly MIS L0 90-Degree (Type A1)
  2. FLEXFly MIS L0 90-Degree (Type A2)
  3. FLEXFly MIS L0 45-Degree (Type B1)
  4. FLEXFly MIS L0 45-Degree (Type B2)
  5. FLEXFly MIS L1 90-Degree (Type A1)
  6. FLEXFly MIS L1 90-Degree (Type A2)
  7. FLEXFly MIS L1 45-Degree (Type B1)
  8. FLEXFly MIS L1 45-Degree (Type B2)
  9. FLEXFly MIS L2 90-Degree (Type A1)
  10. FLEXFly MIS L2 90-Degree (Type A2)
  11. FLEXFly MIS L2 45-Degree (Type B1)
  12. FLEXFly MIS L2 45-Degree (Type B2)
  13. FLEXFly RHW-4 L0 90-Degree (Type A1)
  14. FLEXFly RHW-4 L0 90-Degree (Type A2)
  15. FLEXFly RHW-4 L0 45-Degree (Type B1)
  16. FLEXFly RHW-4 L0 45-Degree (Type B2)
  17. FLEXFly RHW-4 L1 90-Degree (Type A1)
  18. FLEXFly RHW-4 L1 90-Degree (Type A2)
  19. FLEXFly RHW-4 L1 45-Degree (Type B1)
  20. FLEXFly RHW-4 L1 45-Degree (Type B2)
  21. FLEXFly RHW-4 L2 90-Degree (Type A1)
  22. FLEXFly RHW-4 L2 90-Degree (Type A2)
  23. FLEXFly RHW-4 L2 45-Degree (Type B1)
  24. FLEXFly RHW-4 L2 45-Degree (Type B2)