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NAM Documentation

The Network Addon Mod, or NAM, as it is more commonly known, is the largest and most-downloaded mod for the 2003 EA/Maxis game SimCity 4 Deluxe. The main purposes behind the NAM are:

  • to greatly expand the array of transportation options available in-game;
  • to fix issues with the transportation systems in the base game, including those pertaining to the underlying traffic simulation.

This is the start of the documentation pages of the current NAM version Template:CurrentNAMVersion.



In theory, any computer that can run SimCity 4 Deluxe can run the NAM, including systems running Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms. As the game was released in 2003, the specifications required are easily surpassed on most computers today. In order to be certain that one has enough space to extract the installer, ensure that you have at least 1.1GB of hard drive space available. The installation itself may take up substantially less space, especially if one selects the most basic option ("Traffic Simulator and Maxis Fixes Only").

Additionally, one must ensure that they have a valid, legal copy of the game, which has been patched to at least Version 1.1.638 (except for Mac OS X users, see note). Installing patches is only required if one is running a disc copy of the game, as digital retail versions, including those from, Steam, and Origin, are all pre-patched to Version 1.1.641. If your game is a disc copy that has not been updated, the NAM installer will alert you to this fact, and link you to the patch at SC4 Devotion. Please ensure that you install the proper SKU for your copy of the game. Hacked and/or pirated copies (i.e. "No CD" executables) will not read as valid and will prevent the NAM from installing, in part because the installer cannot fully verify that the game's .DAT files have been properly updated.

NOTE: If you are running the Aspyr port on Mac OS X, obtained through Steam or the Apple App Store, Aspyr has refused to issue a proper patch along with EA Maxis' original EP1 Update 1. The Mac version of the NAM will install properly in spite of this.


The NAM is available through our three official distribution partners:


On Windows

On Mac OS X

On Linux


Left-Hand Traffic

The NAM does not change the side of the road cars drive on. There is an option in the installer pertaining to the driving side which needs to be set according to the version of the game, that is Left-Hand Traffic for UK or Japanese versions and Right-Hand Traffic otherwise. Failing this results in a broken game. Instructions on changing the driving side can be found in the tutorial Switch Language and Driving Sides.


Users download, install, and run this mod completely and solely at their own risk. Maxis, the creators, and its individual contributors, are not responsible for any errors, crashes, problems, or any other issue that you may have if you have downloaded and applied this mod file to your game. Players should also expect that any future patches and expansion packs and SimCityscape may not function properly with the game if you have downloaded this mod and applied it to your game. The use of this document, the information within, and the Network Addon Mod is conditional upon the acceptance of this disclaimer and all that is within this document.


The official support forum for the NAM is located at SimCity 4 Devotion, the home of the NAM Team. You can find it here.


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