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NDEX is one of the oldest teams, many members of the team have retired.
NDEX is one of the oldest teams, many members of the team have retired.
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NDEX is one of the oldest teams, many members of the team have retired.



Main article: /FAQ


This is an index of all currently-released NDEX lots and uploads. This post will be updated periodically, but not with every new upload. (last updated on 27/11/2005)


Here's everything *has done to-date in the lot and B.A.T. department.

  • Angels Creek by Oneil
  • Cifley Tower by Superstar
  • Riviera Tower by Oneil
  • Citibank Tower by Superstar
  • Flatbush Residence by Oneil
  • Blue Tower by Oneil
  • Tomson Tower by Superstar
  • Richmand Complex by Superstar
  • Carnel Tower by Superstar
  • Key Tower by Superstar
  • City Tower by Superstar ver. 2
  • Caroline Park Condo by Oneil and Superstar ver. 2
  • Hearst Tower by Superstar and DuskTrooper
  • Diamond Financial Center by Superstar
  • Atlantia Tower by Superstar
  • Dohn Building by DuskTrooper
  • Washington Atlantic Bank by DuskTrooper
  • Hotel Stoneleigh by EB and DT
  • GLR-to-Subway Transition
  • Zeniathus Plaza by EB and DT
  • Stratford Tower by EB and DT
  • Michigan Ave Center by GeoffDiamond
  • DRK Tower by DT and EB
  • J Phillips III by DuskTrooper
  • Seven 56 South by DuskTrooper
  • Greystone Church by DuskTrooper
  • Architectural Museum by Tragicomicus
  • Communication HQ Pack by Superstar
  • SimNation Bank Tower by Superstar
  • Gouldwood Bank by DT and EB
  • Parking Lots by Ardecila
  • AO Tovitt Tower by DT and EB
  • Konietzko Fountain
  • Dakota Park Place by Oneil
  • NSS Equinox by Fosterk
  • Donauturm Tower by NintendoMaster
  • Tiberian Thanefirst by DuskTrooper
  • Touaron Tower by DuskTrooper
  • Grand Aqua Mall by Superstar
  • Town Center Place by DuskTrooper
  • Zhang Ghee Corporate Center by DuskTrooper
  • J Phillips Tower II by DuskTrooper
  • Miami Palm Hotel Complex by Superstar
  • NSS Nitro by Fosterk (also includes gmax model)
  • SFH Tower by Superstar
  • Windspear Arena by Eburress
  • Oakendell Lofts by DuskTrooper
  • USS Foster by Fosterk
  • Cathedral of Saint Paul by Frogface
  • Thaneplace Lofts by DuskTrooper
  • 'Evil' Vanadium Headquarters by DuskTrooper
  • Sun Bank Building by Oneil
  • Nitron Center by Superstar
  • Atlantic Plaza by Oneil
  • Warriott-Grissom Place Hotel by DuskTrooper
  • Colonial Oaks Complex by DuskTrooper
  • Gothic Bell Tower by Frogface
  • York Tower by kd5rax
  • Wilkshire Tower by Conceptual
  • Dobruk City Hall 2 by Frogface
  • Greywood Lofts by DuskTrooper
  • Trillton Tower by Superstar
  • Riddle Me This Nightclub by N747
  • Jacinto Lofts by DuskTrooper
  • Bellton Lofts by DuskTrooper
  • Chase Bank Branch by DuskTrooper
  • Harvard Condominiums by DuskTrooper
  • Dobruk City Hall by Frogface
  • Pacifica Palm Hotel by Superstar
  • Communist Tenement by Frogface
  • Taipei Lite by kd5rax
  • Bosworth Tower by Oneil
  • SeaView Tower by Oneil
  • USS Devin by Fosterk
  • Vanadium Tower 2 by DuskTrooper
  • Aegia Corporate HQ by DuskTrooper
  • Cardinal Airlines Tower by DuskTrooper
  • Urban Billboard Set (also includes gmax model)
  • Frank and Archai Tower II by DuskTrooper
  • PanPacific Building by DuskTrooper
  • Piedmont Bank by Dusk and N747
  • Chronos Palms Condos by DuskTrooper
  • vOlcAnic Nightclub by N747
  • EJW Corporate Headquarters by DuskTrooper
  • KaplanKo Tower by DuskTrooper
  • Rax Condos by kd5rax
  • Mori Tower by Eburress
  • Club ATOM Blue by N747
  • Visweldt Tower by DuskTrooper
  • Juneau Bank Tower by DuskTrooper
  • AgEcho Tower by DuskTrooper
  • Rail-to-Subway Transition
  • EkRoe Publishing by N747
  • Ocean's 27 Nightclub by N747
  • James Morgenn Center
  • Niobium Energy Corporation
  • IntreGen Corporate Center

[Running Total: 84 BATs]

GMAX Models and BAT Stuff

  • DuskTrooper's Visweldt Tower
  • DuskTrooper's IntreGen Corporation
  • DuskTrooper's Chronos Palms Condos
  • DuskTrooper's James Morgenn Center

This is a set of new night window textures for use in your models. Instructions are available in the readme.

  • NDEX Nightmap Texture Set (for BAT)


Let's not forget dependancies ... >_<

SOMY Japanese BATs

These are simply amazing models translated from Japanese and modded a bit. You can see more Japanese BAT creations by checking out the thread Massively Gigantic Japanese BAT Gallery .

  • Japanese Urban School
  • Female Statue
  • High-Range Broadcasting Tower
  • Fishing Harbor 2
  • Mayoral Edifice
  • Consolidated Hospital Complex
  • Fantasy Angel Statue
  • Yamadera Temple
  • Gyoko Grand Marina (yes, I know the name is contradictory...)
  • Industrial Mixing Vats
  • Microwave Rectenna Plant

Greyveil's Custom Map Emoprium (NDEX CME)

These are map requests that Greyveil fills for people who don't really want to take the time to go through the process of obtaining and manipulating the USGS heightmaps for various areas. Please remember that only requests for areas that are in the USGS' databases will be filled. However, this does not nessecarily mean only areas within the US, as their databases have several areas outside the United States as well. [link to request thread]

  • Houston, Texas, USA
  • Stockton, California, USA
  • Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Jacksonville, Florida, USA
  • Pensacola, Florida, USA
  • Panama City, Florida, USA

Equinox's Mods & Addons

These are some mods and general game add-ons that I have created for various purposes. There are sets that add growable lots to the game's selection (no custom BAT models come with these sets), so you can see some non-Maxis props with some Maxis buildings. The UI mods give your query windows more detail and information about whichever type of lot you're querying, such as the current demand cap status, the total city populations, etc. Drop the DAT file[s] in your plugins folder, and the default queries will be replaced (any custom queries you may have in your plugins folder are not affected by this mod).

  • Extra Residential Lot Set - with some designs by kingofsimcity
  • Extra Commercial Lot Set - with some designs by kingofsimcity
  • Residential/Commercial/Industrial (RCI) UI Upgrade Mod
  • City Cutaway Texture Replacement (from the SimMars project)