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This is a list of all the T-RAM specific puzzle pieces. It is transcluded on the puzzle directory page.

These pieces complement the GLR pieces, extending their functionality to GLR in avenue, GLR in road, and GLR on road

They were all ripped from this image.


Tram in Road Pieces

Tram in road is abriviated to TiR

  • TiR piece
  • TiR under rail
  • TiR under highway
  • TiR corner
TiR Exits
  • TiR to GLR (road stub)
  • TiR to road (parallel GLR)
  • TiR to GLR (parallel road)
  • TiR to GLR (corner road)
  • TiR to GLR (diagonal road)
  • TiR to GLR (road T)
  • TiR to GLR (corner street)
  • TiR to GLR (street T)
  • TiR to GLR (road/street T)
  • TiR to GLR (avenue x)
  • TiR to GLR (avenue/TiR x)
  • TiR to TiA (weave with through road)
  • TiR to TiA (corner)
  • TiR to TiA (corner with street)
  • TiR to TiA (corner with road)
TiR T Intersections

the first is the bar of the T

  • TiR/TiR
  • TiR/GLR
  • TiR/road
  • TiR/street (one side)
  • TiR/street (both sides)
  • TiR/avenue
  • TiR/TiA
  • TiR+Road/TiR
TiR X Intersections
  • TiR/TiR
  • TiR/GLR
  • TiR/TiR+road
  • TiR/GLR+street
  • TiR/road
  • TiR/street
  • TiR/road+street
  • TiR+road/TiR+road
  • TiR+road/TiR+street
  • TiR+street/TiR+street

Tram in Avenue Pieces

Tram in avenue is abbreviated to TiA

  • All old GLR in Ave pieces
  • TiA/TiR+GLR x intersection
  • straight through
  • right angle
  • T intersection
  • x intersection

Tram on Road pieces

Tram on Road is abbreviated to ToR

  • ToR
  • ToR to TiR
  • ToR Corner
  • ToR under rail
  • ToR under highway
  • ToR/street T intersection
  • ToR/street x Intersection
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