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This is a (hopefully) complete list of all the file formats used by SimCity 4. Note that these file types are generally found inside DBPF files (such as .dat files). Some of them, however, can be freestanding files.

Completely Decoded Files

ATC - Animation Texture Collection

AVP - Animation Viewpoints

BMP - Bitmap

BSPEC - Bridge Length Specs

DBPF - DataBase Packed Files

Delocalizers - Text De-Localizers

DBDF - DBPF Directories

FSC - Freshness Scores

FSH - Franks PC Shapes (Textures)

HIT - Audio file format

HLS - Hitlist playlist

ID - Radio ID

INFO - Photo album info files

INI - Initialization files

JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group images

LDAT - Lot Data

LTEXT1 - Language Text (LTEXT)

LUA - Lua programming language

PNG - Portable Network Graphics images

RUL - Network Rules files

S3D - SimGlide 3D

SC4Path - SimCity4 Network Paths

SGR - SimCity Graphics Rules

TAB - KeyCFG Accelerator Tables

TGI - Type Group Instance

WAV - Waveform Audio File Format

XA - Maxis EXtendable Audio

XML - XML files

Incompletely Decoded Files

The following formats have yet to have their physical structures fully decoded:

AB - U-Drive-It audio

CFG - SimCity4 Startup Config

MAD - EA MAD Video

SAVEGAMES - SimCity4 savegame files (.sc4), which themselves contain several additional unknown file formats.

The following formats have properties that have yet to be defined:

AE - U-Drive-It settings

EFFDIR - Effect Resource Tree

EXMP - Exemplar

TLO - Track Logic Object

TRK - Track Definition

UI - Maxis User Interface Definitions

Other File Types

HTML - HyperText Markup Language files - not found in DBPF files.

TXT - Text files.

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