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Mayor Diary

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SimCity 4 Devotion
General Information
Author praiodan
Status Active
Tags Best Sellers · Mixed Styles · European · Custom Lotting
Awards This Mayor Diary has won no awards
Language English

=== Overview ===

Lars' MD serves as the showcase of the Zollernmark, a fictional Kingdom. The zollernian cities to be seen are usually of central european style. When it active in first place (from February to May 2007), a story line set in Friedrichstadt (capital of the Zollernmark) should have featured this MD, but in fact it never got developed very far. For more than a year and a half the MD had been moved to the inactives and then even into the archives. But with beginning of October 08, the MD was revived with a special permission by the MD section staff members. Up to this point, the author did some changes on the structure of the Zollernmark (it used to be consisting out of a bunch of small islands only) and switched from Friedrichstadt to Lowangen, one of the most important cities in the Mark behind Friedrichstadt.
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