Incinerator (Unimplemented)

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Lot Stats
Known associated LUA Triggers game.g_incinerator_capacity_daily


Ploppable Lot

The Incinerator icon left in the game's files.
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General Information
Credits Author: Maxis

The Incinerator is a utility building that burns Garbage.

The Incinerator is a special Sanitation Building as it only consumes Garbage.

The code was left unfinished by Maxis for an unknown reason, however it is nearly completely functional and custom implementations like Cogeo's found in the List of Utilities Plugins can be safely used in your cities.

The icon for the Incinerator was left in the game's files, indicating that the Incinerator was in the game as late as the game's Alpha or Beta. From the icon, it appears that it was rendered from the same model used for the SimCity 3000 incinerator.

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