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The SC4 Encyclopaedia is about making all the knowledge and information collected by the SimCity 4 community since the game's release in 2003 easy to find and use, and editable by anyone that knows more.


The SC4 Encyclopaedia (a.k.a. the Wiki) originally began in 2007 as a way to organize information about the game and the community that was distributed over a wide array of fansites, and consequently sometimes hard to find.

The first organizational structure was proposed by Ennedi on December 29, 2007.[1] Much of the early discussion in 2007-8 centered around fundamental discussions about how to organize and manage the Wiki, where to host it, etc. In January 2008, the decision was made to use MediaWiki software, both for its ease of use and widespread acceptance (it is the same software used by Wikipedia). The first software installation was done on January 13, 2008, and the Wiki went into testing with an initial development team, including: Ennedi, Freedo50, Shadow Assassin, and BigSlark.[2]

The Wiki went live during the summer of 2008, and rapidly began growing and accumulating information from around the internet through the work of the first editors, dedicated to the site's purpose of gathering and organizing all SC4 related information in an accessible and easy to use format. This work continues to this day, to capture and organize the ever-expanding body of knowledge about SC4 and the communities that have developed around it.

Policies and Guidelines

The SC4 Encyclopaedia follows the same general policies and guidelines set forth by Wikipedia, amended as necessary for this site's specific situations. Information about the Wiki can generally be found in the Help Section. Wikipedia's own Wikipedia:List of policies and Wikipedia:List of guidelines can also be useful references to find answers not provided in this site's Help Section.