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This is a list of all challenges, that have been posted in GRV II.

1. The first challenge was to build a main region's road (numbered 10) and the equivalent rail road. The road had to be started on Tile A, and go all the way through to Tile M, and passing through no more, no less than 6 tiles. The rail road could had been started on any tile it was wanted by the participator, but it had to go through six tiles.

2. The next challenge was to build a power station and a water source of any kind. Power station should be able to generate electricity for 15,000-25,000 homes. It should also employ around 33 homeworkers who should live somewhere near the power plant. The same rules apply to the source of water, yet it doesn't have to employ any specific number of workers. The last thing that is asked in this challenge is to build another road starting from the tile B, E or H. It should be given a number and explained why does it have such trajectory and not other.

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