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This page pertains to the format of the Flora Subfile within the Savegame files. This file has Type ID A9C05C85. It can be viewed using the SC4 Savegame Explorer, but not edited. This particular subfile was decoded by RippleJet.


This subfile contains flora in the city, in a similar way as the Prop Subfile.


The Flora Subfile has the following format:

DWORD	Memory
WORD	Major Version?  (only seen 0x0003)
WORD	Minor Version?  (only seen 0x0004)
WORD	Zot  (always 0x0000 for flora)
BYTE	Unknown  (only seen 0x00)
BYTE	Appearance Flag  (see Appendix 2 below)
DWORD	0x74758926  (always the same)
BYTE	Min Tract X Coordinate  (normally between 0x40 and 0x7F)
BYTE	Min Tract Z Coordinate  (normally between 0x40 and 0x7F)
BYTE	Max Tract X Coordinate  (normally between 0x40 and 0x7F)
BYTE	Max Tract Z Coordinate  (normally between 0x40 and 0x7F)
WORD	X Tract Size? (power of 2)  (only seen 0x0002)
WORD	Z Tract Size? (power of 2)  (only seen 0x0002)
DWORD	Count of Properties  (0x00000000 and 0x00000001 have both been seen here)
    SGPROP    	SaveGame Properties, repeated Count times  (see Appendix 1 below)
DWORD	Group ID  (from the Prop Exemplar)
DWORD	Type ID  (from the Prop Exemplar)
DWORD	Instance ID  (from the Prop Exemplar)
DWORD	Instance ID  (the value given when the flora appeared)
FLOAT32	X Coordinate
FLOAT32	Y Coordinate
FLOAT32	Z Coordinate
DWORD	Date of current growth cycle
DWORD	Date of first appearance
BYTE	State
BYTE	Orientation
DWORD	Object ID?  (this needs verification)

Appendix 1: Structure of SGPROP (SaveGame Properties)

This structure is used on the SGPROP entries. Known entries are listed further below.

DWORD   Property Name Value
DWORD	Property Name Value  (doubled for some unknown reason)
DWORD	0x00000000
BYTE	Data Type, 01=UInt8, 02=UInt16, 03=UInt32, 07=SInt32, 08=SInt64, 09=Float32, 0B=Boolean
BYTE	KeyType, 0x00 = 0 reps, 0x80 = more than 0 reps
WORD	0x0000
DWORD	Rep Count  (this one appears only if KeyType = 0x80)
    DATA	Property Value (repeated Rep Count times, type according to Data Type)

Appendix 2: Appearance Flag (Offset 0x0013)

The Appearance Flag can have any of the following values:

  • 0x01 (00000001b) - Flora that appears in the game (if this is off, the flora has been deleted).
  • 0x02 (00000010b) - ? (unused).
  • 0x04 (00000100b) - ? (always on).
  • 0x08 (00001000b) - Flora (every entry in the flora subfile has 0x0D).
  • 0x40 (01000000b) - The flora is burnt.
  • 0x80 (10000000b) - Disabled ATC or Timed Prop (no animation).

Savegame Properties (SGProps)

Known entries for SGPROP for the Flora Subfile are listed below.

0x69DBEBE1 - Unknown
Data Type: Boolean
Rep Count: 0
Values seen: always False (never True)
This is rare, but has been found in the Prop subfile, the Flora subfile and the Building subfile