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Featured content within the SC4 Encyclopaedia

Featured content represents the best that the SimCity 4 Encyclopaedia has to offer. These are the articles and other contributions (for example new plugins) that showcase the polished result of the collaborative efforts that drive the SC4 Encyclopaedia and the Community in general. All featured content undergoes a thorough review process to ensure that it meets the highest standards and can serve as an example of our end goals.

Featured article

SC4 Savegames by various decoders

Savegame (.sc4) files are DBPF files, containing a number of files specific to the city, including various subfiles, like Network Subfiles, the Building Subfile but also the Advisor Subfiles, etc. They can be opened with Reader by ilive and the SC4 Savegame Explorer by wouanagaine. However, as critical parts of the file encoding have not been discovered, and Maxis used a checksum algorithm on these files, voiding them when anything is changed to them outside the game, there is currently no editing program capable of successfully modifying these files except for SimCity 4 itself. Some of the files have at least had their purpose identified and been named, while even fewer have been partially or fully decoded.

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Featured plugin

Hallfield Estate by marcszar

The Hallfield Estate is a BAT (actually two BATs) of the Hallfield Estate housing project in the City of Westminster, UK. The project was built in two phases- from 1951-1955 and from 1955-1958. Hallfield Estate was initially designed by Berthold Lubetkin of the Tecton architecture practice, and built later by Lasdun and Drake in an area that was then still a suburb of London. The strong Constructivist style of the Estate (reflected particularly in the design of the staggered window facade on the larger blocks) reflects their unique perception of the Modernist architectural movement of that era. The Estate is composed of fifteen housing blocks and still serves its original purpose- providing affordable housing to whoever needs it- quite well. Hallfield Estate was designated a conservation area by the Westminster Council in 1990.

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Featured City Showcase

Take a Tour by Travis

Take a Tour, a Mayor Diary authored by Travis, currently resides in the Archived Section at SimCity 4 Devotion, but the author is planning on resurrecting it very soon. Travis' intention was to show what he had accomplished in SimCity 4 over the past two and a half years, and to show how he accomplished it.

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Featured Tutorial

LTEXT Files - Definition and Tutorial by RippleJet

LText or Language Text files are a UNICODE text format used by Simcity 4 to give language specific text simply and quickly for use in any part of the world. UNICODE of course makes this much easier since the vast numbers of characters can't always be written in standard text. LText files cover everything from NEWS to Building and Prop names to tool names in the game. They are queried by Instance ID, so make sure your instance is unique when creating new ones!

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