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Lot Stats
Lot Size 3x3
Plop Cost §21,000
Monthly Cost §300
Bulldoze Cost §2,960
Landmark Effect 70 over 26 tiles
Fire Stage 4
Flammability 34
Power Consumed 38 MWh/Month
Water Consumed 70 m3/Month
Air Pollution 2 over 2 tiles
Water Pollution 1 over 3 tiles
Garbage Pollution 11 over 0 tiles
Ploppable Lot
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General Information
Credits Author: Maxis

The Courthouse is a Civic Trophy Reward Building that serves as an icon of City development.

Unlock Requirements

Main article: Tutorial:How to get Maxis Rewards


All Difficulties

  • Combined Population in excess of 40,000
  • Average Mayor Rating in excess of 33 Points
  • A City Hall has been constructed in the city

U Drive It Missions

  • Ambulance Mission: Shady Ambulance Driver

Dependent Rewards