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Mod that adds a number of development "stages" to the RCI zones so there is a more even spread of development

What is the CAM?

Early Development

Inspired by a post from Tropod at Simtropolis in 2005, RippleJet began testing what would become CAM, first posting his findings at BSC's private site before making them public.

RippleJet's Post

I finally got to test the idea for additional stages. My interest for this started when Tropod posted this in August 2005:

Tropod'ss Post

For this first test I modded the Residential R$ RCI Exemplar (IID=0x00001010) accordingly:

Stage Count = 0xF
Stage 1 vs. Size = 0,100,1000,50,2000,33,3000,25,4000,20,5000,16,6000,14,7000,12,8000,11,9000,10,10000,9,11000,8,12000,7,13000,7,14000,6
Stage 2 vs. Size = 999,0,1000,50,2000,33,3000,25,4000,20,5000,16,6000,14,7000,12,8000,11,9000,10,10000,9,11000,8,12000,7,13000,7,14000,6
Stage 3 vs. Size = 1999,0,2000,34,3000,25,4000,20,5000,17,6000,14,7000,12,8000,11,9000,10,10000,9,11000,8,12000,7,13000,7,14000,6
Stage 4 vs. Size = 2999,0,3000,25,4000,20,5000,17,6000,14,7000,12,8000,11,9000,10,10000,9,11000,8,12000,7,13000,7,14000,6
Stage 5 vs. Size = 3999,0,4000,20,5000,17,6000,14,7000,13,8000,11,9000,10,10000,9,11000,8,12000,8,13000,7,14000,7
Stage 6 vs. Size = 4999,0,5000,17,6000,15,7000,13,8000,11,9000,10,10000,9,11000,8,12000,8,13000,7,14000,7
Stage 7 vs. Size = 5999,0,6000,15,7000,13,8000,11,9000,10,10000,9,11000,8,12000,8,13000,7,14000,7
Stage 8 vs. Size = 6999,0,7000,13,8000,11,9000,10,10000,9,11000,8,12000,8,13000,7,14000,7
Stage 9 vs. Size = 7999,0,8000,12,9000,10,10000,9,11000,9,12000,8,13000,7,14000,7
Stage 10 vs. Size = 8999,0,9000,10,10000,9,11000,9,12000,8,13000,7,14000,7
Stage 11 vs. Size = 9999,0,10000,10,11000,9,12000,8,13000,7,14000,7
Stage 12 vs. Size = 10999,0,11000,9,12000,8,13000,7,14000,7
Stage 13 vs. Size = 11999,0,12000,8,13000,8,14000,7
Stage 14 vs. Size = 12999,0,13000,8,14000,7
Stage 15 vs. Size = 13999,0,14000,7

I also created 15 R$ lots, all sized 2x2 tiles, and each with a population of 100. Each of these lots had no building (RKT# is missing), but flower props arranged in order to show the stage of the lot (1-15).

I set up the following basic layout for R$, CS$ and I-D in a virgin city in an empty region:

R$$ and R$$$ were blocked by taxation and in-game R$ buildings were blocked by DuskTrooper's mod TSB_BlockAll_R$.dat

Starting the simulation I could gradually see each stage being built and without any hesitation stage 8 was surpassed and all stages up to and including stage 15 appeared:

After 10 years all lots were fully built up and the city had a population of about 28,000. Since all lots of different stages had the same population, no upgrading took place. The number of lots of different stages at the end of the simulation was:

  • 56 lots of Stage 1
  • 42 lots of Stage 2
  • 45 lots of Stage 3
  • 41 lots of Stage 4
  • 38 lots of Stage 5
  • 36 lots of Stage 6
  • 20 lots of Stage 7
  • 17 lots of Stage 8
  • 18 lots of Stage 9
  • 10 lots of Stage 10
  • 11 lots of Stage 11
  • 3 lots of Stage 12
  • 3 lots of Stage 13
  • 3 lots of Stage 14
  • 8 lots of Stage 15

Next phase of testing will be to include all kinds of RCI types (3 residential, 5 commercial and 4 industrial), all set up for 15 stages, also with increasing population numbers in each stage to see if the lots upgrade all the way up to stage 15. The modding is already done, I only need to get the lots made... Look forward to a follow-up! Comments/suggestions appreciated ;)

RippleJet's Post

I've actually extended them all to stage 15... for now I haven't at all considered whether we need all 15 stages, eg. of farms though...

I agree. There is in fact one more person outside of this room who is also rather excited and has already started to act... Indi/Tolomar has been in contact with a number of (ex-)members of NDEX with only moderate results though. Her question was if we could re-modd those skyscrapers and upload them on BSC LEX (including the model file itself).

Superstar and Equinox both said they would agree and let us go ahead, but it appears they are not in control of their own creations anymore. They are in the hands of the current management of NDEX. Frogface and ILL Tonkso said they would think about it... but SC4Meister was not on talking terms at all regarding the matter. The only models we have access to in that case would be SuperStar's pre-NDEX production. (Indi couldn't contact any of the other earlier NDEX batters).

All in all, in most cases we're gonna have to keep the models as dependencies, available at the BSC Hellhole. Would be interesting to hear Thomas' opinion about the HKABT creations though. And is there any way of including any Japanese superscrapers?

How does it affect the game?


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