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This page includes all important SC4 acronyms and terms definitions. In most cases the acronym links to a relevant article.

Acronyms with SC4 Encyclopaedia Articles

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  • 3RR: Three Rivers Region.


  • ANT: Additional Network Tool.
  • ARD: Asymmetrical Road
  • Plugin:ATL: Avenue Turning Lane Mod.
  • Team:ATR: Around the Roses (Former BAT Team).
  • Automata: Any type of vehicle or animal that moves by itself in SimCity 4. Usually grouped into four categories--aircraft, animals, land vehicles, and watercraft.


  • People:B62: Bobbo662 (BATter).
  • BAT: Building Architect Tool, program used to create 3D structures for SimCity 4; any structure created with Building Architect Tool program.
  • Plugin:BBD: Boston Big Dig.
  • Team:BLaM: BATters, Lotters, and Modders Team.
  • BLS: Barby Lot Studio
  • BMD: BarbyW, MickeBear, D66
  • Brown Boxes: Structure shown in-game when all dependencies for a BAT are not present in Plugins folder.
  • BRT: Barby Ripptide
  • BSC: BAT Squad Certification.
  • Team:BSP: Barry Sanders Project (BAT Team).
  • BTE: BSC Tracking Enabled.




ELR: Elevated Light Rail; also El-Rail.

Exemplar: A file that defines the properties of the game engine or a specific in-game element.


GA: Grampa Al.

GAZ: Gary Reggae (BATter).

GC: Gascooker

GLR: Ground Light Rail.

GMax: A free version of 3DS Max, a program used for modelling and creating 3D objects for SimCity 4.

Growable: A lot that grows when zoned in-game.

GUI: Graphical User Interface


HKABT: Hong Kong / Asia BAT Team.


IDK: Item Description Key.

IID: Instance ID.

ITC: Team founded by Yoshi (Ian), Travis and CasperVg

ILive Reader: Tool created by ILive for editing SimCity 4 files.

ISAT: InSims Architecture Team (former BAT team).

ITS: Ill Tonkso.


JENX: Xannepan.

JRJ: Jeronij.


LBT: Latin American BAT Team.

LE Prop: A tool used by ILive, used for changing key properties of custom lots.

LEX: Lot Exchange; custom content exchange here at SC4Devotion.

LHD: Left-hand drive.

LM: Landmark.

Lot Editor: Official Maxis release that allows for th customization of lots in SimCity 4.

Lot: The entire structure of something in SimCity 4, including the building, props, and ground tiles.

LTEXT: LText file (for in-game text).


MD: Mayor Diary. (another name for City Journal)

MIS: Modular Interchange System.

MJB: Couchpotato (prop BATter).

MML: Menu Management Lot.

Mod: A file that somehow changes that game, including textures, ordinances, and tools.

Modder: One who creates a Mod.

Modding: The act of creating a Mod.


  • NAM: Network Add-On Mod.
  • NCD North Country Dude
  • NDEX: N74704, DuskTrooper, Equinox (BAT Team).
  • NHP: New Horizon Productions.
  • NJZ: No Job Zot.
  • NWM: Network Widening Mod.


Off-Topic: Any post, conversation, etc., in the forums that does not pertain to the subject matter where it has been posted. Generally frowned upon.

OG: Occupant Group.

OWR: One Way Road.

OWW: Old Wooden Waterfront


Pathfinding: The process by which automata find the shortest route to their destination.

Pathing: The creation of paths for automata on transit-enabled lots.

PDA: Poole, Diamond & Associates (Former BAT Team).

PEG: Pegasus.

PIM-X: Extended Plugin Manager (part of X-Tool).

PIM: Plugin Manager.

PLEX: Pegasus Lot Exchange.

Ploppable: Any lot that can be placed directly in the game without having to zone for it.

PM: Private Message.

Prop Pack: A file containing models and prop descriptors that can be used to make lots.

Prop: Anything used to aesthetically improve a lot, excluding the building itself and ground tiles.


RAM: Rail Add-On Mod.

RCI Ploppable: Ploppable building that provides jobs.

RCI: Residential, Commercial, Industrial.

RH: Rush Hour.

RHW: Rural Highway Mod.

RKT: Resource Key Type.

RLS: Real Life Syndrome; or BATs created by SimGoober.

RNP: Rabbit903 Nealos101 Productions, former bat team kept alive by tag_one.

RP: Tag One Productions.

RTL: Road Turning Lane Mod.

RTMT: Road Top Mass Transit.

RUL: A file that sets various rules and algorithms on the placement of transit networks.


SAM: Street Add-On Mod.

SC: SimCity, SimCities (home of the BLaM found Here).

SC3X: SimCities Exchange.

SC4: SimCity 4.

SC4D: SimCity 4 Devotion, a SC4 community found Here.

SC4RH: SimCity 4 Rush Hour.

SC4TF: SC4Terraformer.

SC4Tool: A tool for purposes related to custom content in SimCity 4.

SCC: SimCity Central

SCK: SimCityKurier.

SCP: SimCity Plaza.

SCS: SimCity Societies.

SF: Slope-friendly.

SFBT: SimForum BAT Team.

SG: SimGoober.

SLR: Single Lane Road. (now ARD, Asymmetrical Road)

SMP: Simtropia Productions Team.

SNM: SimNation Military.

SR: SimRabbit123, NDEX batter.

ST: Simtropolis, arguably the biggest Simcity fansite, found here.

STEX: Simtropolis Exchange.

SUM: Start-Up Manager.

SZ: SimsZone.


TE: Transit-enabled.

Terraform: The process of modifying the terrain in SimCity 4.

TG: Team Grater.

TLA: Turning Lane Avenues, three letter acronym.

TM: Typing monkeys, referring those who ask questions that they can find the answer in the readme.

TPP: The Planning Pages. A SC4 community found Here

TPW: Transparent Ploppable Water by JRJ.

TSC: ToutSimCity.

TTC: TheTeaCat.

U - Z

UDI: U-Drive-It.

UI: User Interface

UVNK: User Visible Name Key.

VDK: vester (vester_DK).

W2W: Wall-to-wall.

WFK: Waterfront kit.

WIMPS: not sure of definition*

WTC: World Trade Center

X-Tool: A tool currently under development by Wouanagaine.