Blue Floyd

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Mayor Diary


SimCity 4 Devotion
General Information
Author Sheep49
Status Inactive
Tags Inactive · Alternative to History · Eye Candy · Small Cities
Awards This Mayor Diary has won no awards
Language English


The Consitiutonal Monarchy Of Blue Floyd is the first Mayor Diary made by Sheep49, the SimCity 4 Devotion forums member. It showcases the fictional country, which lies between France and Switzerland. It is lead by the king Frederick Venus and Prime Minister Casper Von Treebaum, named after CasperVg. Author's main target is to make the fully interactive MD.


The City Showcase has started on the 15th September 2008 with just some imformation from Sheep49. Then, several days later, it was suspended because of the computer crashes on the author's computer. Finally, on 26th of September, the first real update was made. From then, Sheep is leaving teaser/message once a (averagely) two days.


As the author's main target is to make the fully interactive MD, he has made several projects in which other members can take part, including polls, competitions, or even buying the house in Blue Floyd. He's also planning to write some tutorials and do some story updates including members who 'live' in Blue Floyd.

Another characteristic feature of this Mayor Diary is the fact, that it features many references to the music industry of seventies and eighties. You'll can find streets or even cities named after the members of Pink Floyd, Queen, The Beatles and much, much more.

Blue Floyd is also known for having many diagonal roads, railroads, GLRs and lots. As the autor hates the big blank areas, he often puts fillers, including grass, trees, parks or even canals in that places. Author doesn't care for the money, either. He just wants his city to be nice and artistically interesting.