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The Alliance of Fuel Developing and Exporting States holds Summits once a month between all nations for discussion of Alliance issues and making progress towards the greater good. The First summit was held on September 28.



First summit

The First summit was held in Calder City by Member Psander5. Started before midnight September 27, It was expected to last up to 2 days, but ended up going towards the end of the month due to a Simtropolis Site Outage, and Patricius Maximus Giving the basic form of the Alliance of Fuel Developing and Exporting States/Charter

Most people in attendence of the summit said it was a good sucsess and that it sets a example for future summits.

Second Summit

The Second AFDES summit was held in Tristania City, in the Follomer Chancellery. Started the 21st of October 2008, it discussed the space program between The Follomer Chancellery, and Franklin County, and the Financial Crisis looming over the City of Flint, IL. The member-states also discussed how many new AFDES member to let in.

As in the first summit, the second AFDES summit was also a success, and brought out awareness of economic problems in the member-states.

Third Summit

This summit is being held in Halifax, NE, currently.

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