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Abandonment is the condition that occurs on RCI lots when one or more of the things that the lot demands: access to the transit network, connection to power and water utilities and, in the case of residential lots, access to a reasonable length commuting path so that its occupants can get to work) is not available for an extended period of time. The initial indication that a lot and the building on it is in danger of becoming abandoned is the presence of a Zot appearing over the lot.

When the condition goes uncorrected for a few months, the structures on the lot will begin to show signs of dilapidation, which is a condition where the there are evident signs of disrepair.

Dilapidation can last a substantial length of time, but ultimately it will end in the lot becoming abandoned, with the lot and its structures becoming "greyed out" and slum-like.

Abandoned lots are at a substantially greater risk of fire and generate higher levels of crime. The process can be reversed during dilapidation by supplying the demand for the thing that the lot lacks. Once a lot is abandoned, though, it can only be restored by bulldozing.

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